2D hand drawn adventure puzzle about a witch saving her friend.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the browser version of this game doesn't let you save your progress! I recommend Windows users to download it.

Immerse yourself in an atmospheric 2D hand-drawn adventure puzzle.

Play as a witch, who tries to live peacefully like an ordinary villager. Her life is disrupted, when she tries to do good and finds herself in a time loop, from which she has to find a way out. But it will not be easy. On that day, the inquisition arrives in the village with only one goal: to expose and burn the witch. Find a way out of the repeating day. However, think wisely: The easiest way out may not be the most moral one...

The game has English and Czech localization. The game can be played in the browser, however, for windows users, I'd recommend downloading the files because it allows you to save your game.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorsPetra Emmerová, FAMU - Game Design
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, czech, Dark, Fantasy, Multiple Endings, Singleplayer, Story Rich, witch
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesCzech, English


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Pěkná hra.

i got softlocked so many times that i gave up and just looked at a letsplay

I'm so sorry to hear that! :( Were there any bugs in the game, or the hints where to go weren't enough?

i figured it out on my own but the game literally froze and didn't save at all.

I'm sorry for that! Although the browser version should theoretically be fine, the game is mainly optimized for Windows download, and it only saves when downloaded. :( 

Good game, the hints really helped in finding the things you must do to get the endings but it doesn't necessarily spoil which one. the second and last one are easy to get while the 1st took a lot of days. Overall I like the art style and would love to see another game like this.

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Thank youu! I'm happy you liked it! ^_^ The first ending being the hardest was intentional, after all, it is the best one. Glad you enjoyed the experience, I'm thinking about expanding this concept, but we'll see.


Very cool, it was really interesting trying to find the right timing & the right people to get a better ending. The dark ending was enticing but it was 1000 times greater finding the happy end. Great work with this project. :)


Hello, thanks a lot for playing and creating a video! I am happy you liked the game :)


It was great playing, any new project brewing? With or without witches? :) 


Yes, I'm currently working on a new game! But it's still in the beginning so I can't say much about it:)